Things We Do

  • Vaccinations and neutering for cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets.
  • Microchipping for life long pet identification.
  • Free puppy and kitten checks or new pet checks on the first week of homing your pet.
  • Blood & urine testing on site for a variety of health problems.
  • Weight clinics with advice on nutrition, diets and exercise. Free use of weighing scales for all pets.
  • Behavioural advice for pet problems, such as barking, destructive behaviour, toilet training and aggression.
  • Accupuncture and electro-acupuncture for chronic arthritis.
  • Heart examinations and in depth heart monitoring using ECG and ultrasound.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and fertility tests.
  • Colour video endoscopy to look inside lungs, stomach, ears, nose or intestines. X-rays – including hip & elbow dysplasia schemes.
  • Export certification for PETS (Pet Travel Scheme)

We provide no obligation estimates for all procedures.